Recommended list of series to watch during this Ramadan

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The Ramadan drama marathon will start soon, with people looking for something to watch after Iftar. They will be spoilt for choice as there will be around 38 Egyptian series running all together on different TV channels, around six series from the Gulf, two Lebanese-Syrian co-productions, 11 Syrian, and many more.اضافة اعلان

These series are sure to keep the viewers engaged, sitting on the edge of their seats till they end.

Following is a list of series you may want to watch during this Ramadan:

Beirut 303. A sudden mysterious incident that shakes the city of Beirut causes the characters to start searching for the truth. During this journey of research, complex relationships are created and unexpected mysteries about past and present heroes of the story unfold.

This series is directed by Lebanese director Elie Samaan; it stars Jerry Ghazal, Giana Eid, Motasem Al-Nahar, Abed Fahed, among other.

Lel Mawt.  In its second season, this series’ stories of love and lust pick up with an emergence of new characters as events escalate between the main characters.

Lel Mawt is directed by Phillip Asmar; it stars Maguy Bou Ghosn, alongside Daniella Rahme, Mohammed Al Ahmad, Ahmad Al Zein, and Randa Kaadi.

Haret el Qubba. This series, also in its second season, follows a historical journey through the period of Ottoman rule of the Levant, in the 19th century, where poverty, hunger, and homelessness are prevalent.

The series is produced by Syrian director Rasha Sharbatji and written by Osama Kokesh; its cast includes Abbas Al Nouri, Sulafa Memar, Khaled Al-Keesh, and Nadine Tahseen Beck.

Sanawat El Gerish. This Kuwaiti series, deals with real-life events that occurred in the Arabian Gulf States during the last century, with the Gulf during World War II and the resulting deaths of young martyrs during the war.

Directed by Manaf Abdal and written by Mohamed Al Nabulshi, it stars the Kuwaiti megastar Hayat Al Fahad, alongside Aly Al Sabaa, Habib Ghaloom, Hassan Al Ballam, and many more.

El Ekhtyar. After two successful seasons, this series, in its third season, focuses on the Egyptian police and army heroism in facing the Muslim Brotherhood from the June 30, 2012, revolution to the present stage.

It stars Egyptian screen giants Ahmed El Sakka, Ahmed Ezz, and Karim Abdel Aziz. Peter Mimi directs it.

Al-Aa’edoon. is inspired by a true story about individuals returning after having joined terrorists, between 2018 and 2020, and being successfully eliminated by the Egyptian intelligence.

The series is directed by Ahmed Nader Galal and written by Baher Dowidar. It stars Amir Karara in the lead of a star-studded cast including Amina Khalil, Mahmoud Abdel Moghni, Eyad Nassar, and Tarek Lotfy.

Faten Amal Harby. This new series is about the heroine fighting a social battle with the new Egyptian Personal Status Law. She asks for custody of her children after divorce even if she later marries a foreign man.

Nelly Karim plays a woman who breaks up with her husband, Sharif Salama, and after attempts to reconcile them failed, she decides to remarry, only to find out that custody of her children will be transferred from her to her former mother-in-law, played by Fadia Abdul Ghani.

Starring Sherif Salama, Hala Sedki, Khaled Sarhan, and many others, the series is written by Egyptian journalist and screenwriter Ibrahim Eissa, marking his television writing debut.

El Kebeer Awi. In this series six season, El Kebeer (the mayor) tries to navigate life without his wife Hadiya, previously played by Donia Samir Ghanen, and his twin sons. He finds himself forced to remarry more than once, including to his cousin. The series also follows the storylines of Johnny, the mayor’s brother, and Hazalqoum as they try to navigate their own lives.

The cast includes Ahmed Mekky, Bayoumi Fouad, Hisham Ismail, Mohamed Sallam, and Rahma Ahmed.

El Meshwar. The series revolves around a character called Maher, played by Mohammed Ramadan, who works as a taxi driver in difficult circumstances and events that lead to him and his wife Ward, played by Dina al-Sharbini being chased by the police for trafficking in antiquities.

The series is directed by Mohamed Yassin and written by Mohamed Farid.

Ahlam Sa’eeda. The events and the comic story of this series revolve around four women who will face many difficulties, problems and crises in society due to their late marriages.

Starring Youssra, Ghada Adel, and May Kassab, among others, the series is written by Egyptian film director and producer Hala Khalil and directed by Amr Arafa

Malaf Sery. This story of a secret file discusses a number of different issues that existed in Egypt in 2013, including money-laundering, in the context of social drama interspersed with excitement, suspense and action.

Egyptian actor Hani Salama stars alongside Tunisian actress Aisha Bint Ahmed in this series written by Mahmoud Hajjaj and directed by Hassan Al-Balassi.

Betlou’ El Roh. Drama and action, this series tackles many social problems and issues. The story of a terrorist organization and how a number of people are involved it takes the viewer into a dramatic sequence full of constant excitement.

Directed by Kamla Abu Zekri and Etegah Egbari, this 15-episode series stars Menna Shalaby and Ahmed El Saadany and is written by Mohamed Hesham Obayya.

Dayman Amer. This social drama work discusses a number of problems facing students at different levels of education.

Directed by Magdy El Hawary and written by Ayman Selim and Michael Adel, it stars Mostafa Shaban and Lebleba.

Toba. Takes place in an ancient popular Egyptian area in the enchanting coastal province of Port Said, where a fugitive from an unknown past, Ahmed Abdul Toba, has been living among the people of Haara for seven years, having left the past with all his sins and crimes, and escaped to another land for safety and a new beginning. Yet this past comes back to haunt him.

Directed by Ahmed Salah, it stars Amr Saad, Maged El-Masry, Saba Mubarak, and Asmaa Abulyazeid among many others.

Suits. In this Arabic adaptation of the famous US series, Adam Mansou plays the character Mike Ross in the foreign version of the series, which takes place in the world of law and cases, where he works as a famous lawyer and is surprised by the abilities of a young man who did not study law, but is able to resolve the most difficult cases.

Scripted by Mohamed Hafzy and Yasser Abdul Majid and directed by Maryam Ahmadi, it stars Asir Yassin, Ahmed Daoud, Reem Mustafa, Saba Mubarak, Mohamed Shaheen, Tara Imad, and Mustafa Darwish, among others.

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