Avo Markarian: Generations of creativity

Avo Markarian
(Photos: Avo Markarian)
AMMAN — Avo Markarian, Jordanian-Armenian photographer whose father and quite a few family members worked in the same field, did not show interest in photography as a child. In 1997, after finishing high school, he had a few months off before going to college, so he started going to his father’s photography studio and began to learn from him. اضافة اعلان

With time, he discovered the beauty of photography, and his interest in it grew to the point that he decided to drop out of college and learn more about photography from his father. He also expanded his knowledge in photography by taking courses in different places around the world, such as Germany and the US.

(Photos: Avo Markarian)

“Photography became my passion, so I tried to become more artistic, and learn the rules and break them until I became a well-known photographer in the country,” Markarian said in an interview with Jordan News.

He specialized in wedding and fashion photography because he likes interacting with people. Another reason for entering this sector is that he likes everything that poses a challenge for him, and wedding photography requires a high level of professionalism and is a mix of many other field, such as fashion and portrait photography. 

In Jordan, wedding photography is big in the market, said Markarian and added that he likes landscape photography as well.

(Photos: Avo Markarian)

When, 15 years ago, he visited Armenia, his country of origin, he took photos of the country’s landscape and people, after which he held an exhibition under the name “Uncovering Armenia”. He said he was the first photographer to hold a photography exhibition about Armenia in Jordan. He held a second exhibition in Dubai and Jordan, with different photos. He tried to show his experience, the culture, and landscape in Armenia.  

(Photos: Avo Markarian)

Markarian believes that his love for photography distinguishes his work from that of others, as it pushed him to develop his skills what helped him keep up with the changes in photography. The clients, he said, love the new trends, perspectives, and angles he offers. His interest in human interactions makes him attempt to show their feelings, reactions, and mood. 

He said that people like that he captures their real emotions. In weddings photographs, he shows their laughs, tears, and every movement to reflect the importance of this day through his photos.

(Photos: Avo Markarian)

Many of his photos are black and white as he believes that these two colors are more dramatic and give the photos more mystery and sharpness.
He is well established in the field of wedding photography, and clients love and appreciate his work.

“I think people see how much I love my work, and they always want to experience my art and what I can offer them through it,” Markarian said.
His studio, Avo Photography, has changed over the past 50 years, according to each phase it went through. For instance, the previous name of the business was “Moses Photography”, carrying his father’s name. 

(Photos: Avo Markarian)

Over the years, the business took different paths as Markarian became more attracted to artistic work, which attracts clients. To reach him and get acquainted with his style and photos, people may use social media.

During COVID-19, his business was paused due to the restrictions imposed on weddings. As a photographer, the situation was frustrating, he said, as his creativity space was limited, and he could not create artwork.

After the ease of restrictions, the scene is returning to normal, but on a slower and smaller scale, as a limited number of people is allowed to attend weddings, events, and fashion photoshoots.

His plans for the future: to develop his skills more, to do better, to offer more services, and to hold exhibitions about Jordan.

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