ACC unveils Golden 101 List celebrating influential celebs from Arab film industry

(Photos: Golden 101)
AMMAN — The Arab Cinema Center (ACC) has recently announced its highly anticipated list of the 101 Most Influential Personalities in the Arab Film Industry, known as the Golden 101.اضافة اعلان

Presented in the annual Cannes edition of the Arab Cinema Magazine, this list recognizes the exceptional contributions of artists, filmmakers, and film-related institutions that have made a significant impact on the industry over the past year, a press statement said.

Diverse representationThe Golden 101 list encompasses various segments of the film industry. It includes 21 directors, 12 producers, 12 actors, seven crew members, 21 distributors, 12 influential figures from Arab governmental institutions, 10 platform managers, two presenters, 13 festival directors and managers, and seven fund managers.

These personalities hail from 24 different countries, comprising 15 Arab countries and nine non-Arab countries.

Egypt and Lebanon shine brightLeading the pack in terms of representation on the Golden 101 list are Egypt and Lebanon, with an impressive count of 23 personalities each. Following closely are Saudi Arabia with 17, Jordan with 11, Tunisia with nine, Syria with five, the UAE with four, and Sudan and Kuwait with three each. Morocco, Iraq, Qatar, and Yemen also have notable representation with two individuals each.

Non-Arab countries have also made their mark on the Golden 101 list. The US leads the pack with four names, followed by the UK with three. France and Italy each have two representatives, while Canada, India, Monaco, and South Africa have one representative each.

A glimpse at the influential personalitiesThe Golden 101 list includes a constellation of stars and industry professionals from Egypt and Lebanon. From Egypt, notable names include Yousra, Tamer Hosni, Ahmed Malek, Hussein Fahmy, Marwan Hamed, Ahmed Mourad, and many others. From Lebanon, the list features prominent figures such as Razane Jammal, Wissam Sharaf, Noel Kesrouani, Rana Eid, and Raya Abirached, among others.

From Jordan, the list also includes, filmmakers Amjad Al-Rasheed, Bassel Ghandour, Darin J. Sallam, superstar Saba Mubarak, music composer Suad Bushnaq, producer Rula Nasser, and Director of the Amman International Film Festival Nada Doumani.

Furthermore, the list encompasses influential personalities from Saudi Arabia, including Abdulelah Alqurashi, Fatima Al-Banawi, and Waleed bin Ibrahim Al-Ibrahim. Non-Arab personalities, such as Sam Barnett from MBC Group and Mark Whitehead from Image Nation Abu Dhabi, also grace the list with their presence.

ACC's mission and initiativesThe ACC, established by MAD Solutions in 2015, is a non-profit organization that actively promotes Arab cinema and facilitates professional connections between film industry professionals worldwide.

The center hosts various events, including film markets, networking sessions, and meetings with international organizations and festivals. Additionally, the ACC publishes the Arab Cinema Magazine, distributed at leading international film festivals and markets.

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