​Palestinian diaspora exhibition

​Exhibition recalls suffering of Palestinians in exile

(Photos: Safad Al Safadi/Jordan News)
The Palestinian Diaspora Exhibition, hosted by Gilgamesh Art Cafe in Jabal Luweibdeh, explores themes of Palestinian suffering and belonging through paintings, photographs, handicrafts, and traditional clothing created by emerging young artists.اضافة اعلان

The exhibition also displays pictures from the UNRWA archives that are being shown for the first time. These pictures depict the stories and struggles of Palestinian refugees from 1948 onwards.

“I want people to see the impact of bitter-cold winters and scorching summers on the Palestinian refugees, who have suffered greatly, through the lenses of photographers and their photographs,” said Murad Sara, an author and publisher, who also came up with the idea for the exhibition.

As a child, Sara himself suffered as a Palestinian refugee. These pains both shaped his identity and influenced his writings.

According to Sara, the stories of the people in the photographs are forgotten, thus, he dedicated the exhibition to these people and their unheard voices.

Author Reem Al-Kayyali, the organizer of the exhibition, said that the event aims to recall the sufferings experienced by Palestinians, while evoking “feelings of belonging and love for Palestine”.
“Palestine is essential to everyone”, she said, because it “unites the Arab world”, and is greatly valued in Jordan and the Arab region as a Muslim holy site.

The event, she said, conveys a sense of pride in Palestinian culture and heritage, while providing an opportunity for participating artists to display their artwork, including paintings, traditional clothing and Palestinian keffiyehs, and handicrafts such as handmade clocks, magnets, and mirrors.

During the exhibit, Kayyali, who is of Palestinian origin, signed copies of her book “Rose Harvest”.

Norhan and Shayma Al-Bee, two participating artists, highlighted the role of such displays in reminding people of events that occurred in Palestine’s past and the continuing realities for the Palestinian people. “It is our cause and our duty to keep reminding others,” said Norhan Al-Bee.

An exhibit visitor, Yousef Karajeh, said that such exhibitions are “crucial” for Arab and Jordanian communities, especially for youth who may not know much about the occupation of Palestine.

Another visitor, Deema Abu Sharkh, said that the exhibition provides visitors with a “sense of closeness” to Palestine, while shedding light on the sufferings of Palestinians.

Arwa Debajeh, the owner of Gilgamesh Art Café, noted that she is “pleased” to host the event, as it provides an opportunity for emerging artists to display their art. “Everyone is welcome at Gilgamesh Art Café,” she said.

Entry to the exhibition is free of charge and will be running through September 28.

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