Petra Light Festival to illuminate historic site till May 3

Petra Light Festival
(Photo: Twitter)
AMMAN — The rose-red city of Petra has will be displaying light and sound shows as part of the Petra Light Festival, which began on Sunday evening, according to Khaberni. اضافة اعلان

The festival, which runs until May 3, offers visitors a unique, immersive experience of the city's world-renowned heritage.

Sensory adventureAt the heart of the festival are the three-dimensional and multi-sensory experiences of light and sound. The Treasury has been transformed to show designs created by a team of the world's most celebrated visual artists.

The festival also includes soundscapes and light displays that highlight the natural beauty of Petra, immersing visitors in a sensory adventure that transports them to another world.

Modern Technology Meets Heritage PreservationSuleiman Al-Farajat, chief commissioner of the Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority, emphasized the festival's use of modern technological techniques to showcase Petra's status as a world heritage site.

The festival aims to preserve the site's historical significance while also making it accessible to modern-day visitors.

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