Lunar eclipse on May 5 to be visible across Jordan

wide closeup shot full moon black background
(Photo: Freepik)
AMMAN — A lunar eclipse is set to occur on May 5, and it will be visible to skywatchers across the Kingdom and the Arab world.اضافة اعلان

According to the Jordan News Agency, Petra, the Director General of the AstroJo Institute, Alaa Azzam, the eclipse will begin at 7:13pm on May 5 and will continue until 10:31pm. The peak of the eclipse will be at around 8:22pm and will be visible by the naked eye from anywhere across Jordan.

Azzam also stated that the eclipse will be visible from most Arab countries except for Qatar, the UAE, Oman, Yemen, and southern Saudi Arabia.

How lunar eclipses occursA lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, casting a shadow on the Moon, which appears reddish-brown in color, commonly referred to as a "Blood Moon".

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