Gaza aid concert at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church: Uniting through music

(Photos: Marwa Ismael, Jordan News)
The Sacred Heart of Jesus Church provided an idyllic backdrop for an extraordinary event an emotive concert meticulously crafted to generate vital resources for Gaza. The collaborative efforts between the Catholic Center for Studies and Media in Jordan drew a diverse audience, including distinguished political figures and celebrated personalities from various corners of the world. اضافة اعلان

Culture, faith, and diplomacy
The concert boasted the presence of eminent dignitaries such as the Belgium Ambassador Serge Dikchen, Irish Ambassador Marianne Bolger, Member of the Lower House of Parliament Omar Naber, and the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher. This event was held under the patronage of Minister of Culture Haifa Najjar, guided by the lordship of Bishop Jamal D'aibes, emphasizing the fusion of culture, faith, and diplomacy. The musical symphony was masterfully conducted by the globally acclaimed maestro, Marco Morronnr, adding an international flair to the event's resonance. 

During the concert, Minister of Culture Haifa Najjar echoed deep respect and pride for the people enduring hardships in occupied Palestine. She applauded the Kingdom’s display of humanity, justice, and commitment to rights through benevolent efforts, citing it as an exemplary manifestation. Najjar emphasized the enduring conscience and optimism for a brighter future, attributing the preservation of dignity within this secure country to the wisdom and resolve of His Majesty King Abdullah.

The core of Christmas: A message for the future
Meanwhile, Bishop Jamal D'aibes, in his impassioned speech, fervently expressed his belief in the ultimate triumph of Gaza's resilient children over their oppressors. He underscored the event's significance as a poignant representation of the core message of Christmas a message symbolizing hope for a brighter future despite the relentless challenges and profound suffering.

The essence of Christmas, Bishop D'aibes stressed, transcends mere festivities; it encapsulates a message of hope and resilience in the face of injustice and tyranny. He fervently believed that the message of love and peace heralded on the night of Lord Jesus Christ's birth would prevail, serving as an enduring testament to the indomitable human spirit within the poignant context of Gaza's children.

Music as a medium
In an exclusive interview with Jordan News, Zeina Barhoum, the guest singer, passionately elucidated the concert's fundamental objective: an impassioned display of unwavering support for the beleaguered inhabitants of Gaza. Barhoum emphasized the significance of the event as a compelling medium to convey an overwhelming message of love, specifically aimed at the resilient souls enduring hardship in Gaza.

What truly set this concert apart, as Barhoum passionately highlighted, was its remarkable ability to transcend geographical and cultural boundaries. She eloquently highlighted the unifying power of music, acting as a universal language seamlessly bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds onto a single stage. "This remarkable concert stands as an emblem of our collective unity, transcending our diverse origins through the harmonious language of music," she remarked. As an artist, Barhoum staunchly believed that the performance exquisitely showcased their unity, weaving a vibrant tapestry of cultural diversity, with each individual's contribution adding to its colorful mosaic.

Additionally, Barhoum reiterated the profound sense of unity and hope entrenched within the Palestinian community, irrespective of religious affiliations. She lauded their collective resilience, exemplifying a united front in the face of adversities.

Among the attendees, Rajja Ayesh expressed profound gratitude for the opportunity to partake in this momentous occasion. She cherished the timing of the ceremony, aligning with the spirit of the holiday season, and emphasized the immense significance of the concert's noble objective of extending support and solidarity to the Gaza populace.

Reflecting on the event, Ayesh underscored Jordan's praiseworthy role in spearheading such initiatives, offering crucial aid and a beacon of hope to the distressed population of Gaza. Despite the simplicity of the assistance rendered, Ayesh highlighted its profound impact, serving as a guiding light during challenging times.

Amid Israel's ongoing Gaza conflict, Jordan stands in solidarity, canceling Christmas celebrations and redirecting efforts to aid Gaza.

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