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August 14 2022 3:22 PM ˚
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Karak residents want more 'relevant' street names

A view of a street in Karak. (Photo: Wikimedia)
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KARAK — Residents of the southern town of Karak, 130km south of Amman, have criticized the municipality for selecting "strange" names for the streets in the city and surrounding smaller towns under its jurisdiction.اضافة اعلان

Instead of Al-Maqahi (coffee houses) Street and the Maldives Street, for example, they want the roads to be named after local or national figures, other Jordanian cities, and sites with historical value.

Activists and residents have taken matters into their hands in some cases and wiped off the names from the plates.

A source in the municipality of Karak explained that the naming project, which involved 1,500 locations in its first phase, was carried out and approved by the dissolved municipal council, as part of a USAID-funded project related to the decentralization program.

The source said that the controversial names would be replaced with others more acceptable to the people.