Saraya Aqaba Waterpark's lifeguards are among the best in Jordan

Saraya Aqaba Waterpark
(Photo: Saraya Aqaba Waterpark)
PRESS RELEASE — On Lifeguard Appreciation Day, Saraya Aqaba Waterpark salutes its lifeguards and offers them special recognition for being hard at work (a super lifeguard T-Shirt and Mug, and personalized certificates). اضافة اعلان

As the name implies, lifeguards are lifesavers. Becoming a lifeguard is a career choice that only a brave few can pursue. While lifeguards go through several trainings and tests before taking on their daily duties, sometimes, this means putting their own lives at risk to save others.

For lifeguards at Saraya Aqaba Waterpark, the first-of-its-kind in Aqaba and the ultimate Jordan’s aquatic experience, being called a lifeguard is one of their proudest achievements to date. These superheroes allow guests to spend a day in the sun and have fun while being so safe at Saraya Aqaba Waterpark under their watchful eye.

As Jordan’s safest waterpark, Saraya Aqaba Waterpark hires more than 40 people to serve as lifeguards each summer, undergoing hard training that requires each lifeguard to be licensed before they wear a rescue tube. While no lifeguard can ever replace the caution of parents, friends, and family, Saraya Aqaba Waterpark's first responders are trained to attentively scan the waters for any sign of distress and respond.

Saraya Aqaba Waterpark lifeguards undertake a thorough audit process by Ellis and Associates, a world leader in aquatics training and safety. During the audit process, an Ellis auditor comes in unannounced and audits the staff to ensure that their scanning meets the standard, along with testing their rescue skills.

Saraya Aqaba Waterpark super lifeguards are a huge asset to the park and the industry in Jordan, and they have brought honor to the park by successfully EXCEEDING their Ellis & Associates audits during the 2022 and 2023 seasons and obtaining the highest individual score for successive several times.

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Thanks to Saraya Aqaba Waterpark’s superheroes, the park is always dedicated to providing its guests with the highest standards of safety.

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