Orange Jordan celebrates Aqaba’s Heroes of Change graduation

Aqaba FabLab and Coding Academy Graduation image
(Photo: Orange Jordan)
PRESS RELEASE —Orange Jordan and the European Union celebrated the graduation of “heroes of change”, the youth who completed their journey in the FabLab and Coding Academy in Aqaba, in a ceremony held under the patronage of the Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, Ahmad Hanandeh, under the Innovation Space, a three-year project co-funded by the European Union’s “Innovation for Enterprise Growth and Jobs” program “Innovate Jordan”, to support entrepreneurship and empower youth digitally across the Kingdom. اضافة اعلان

The graduation was attended by Ramzi Al-Kabariti, Commissioner of Youth and Entrepreneurship, deputizing for Nayef Al Fayez, Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority Chief Commissioner, member of parliament Obeid Yassin, Sultan Hassan, deputizing for Dr. Khaled Alhajjaj, Governor of Aqaba, CEO of Orange Jordan, Philippe Mansour, and several of the company’s executive officers.

During the ceremony, the FabLab celebrated a milestone by graduating 173 young males and females, after they developed their prototypes using digital manufacturing equipment and devices, including 3D design, 3D printing, laser cutting, computer numerical control (CNC), printed circuits board (PCB), coding and electronics.

Alongside the FabLab, the Coding Academy also celebrated the graduation of two cohorts in Aqaba with a total of 50 students, with females exceeding 50%, after completing a 6-month intensive training in highly in-demand programming languages, professional and personal skills and more, followed by a 1-month internship in an IT company, extending the success of the Academy which achieved a remarkable employment rate of 80% among its graduates in governorates.

Both the FabLab and Coding Academy were expanded by Orange Jordan to provide digital resources and knowledge to youth in various governorates, especially those with high young population such as Aqaba, to enable them for the job market and starting their own ventures, as well as guiding them on their entrepreneurship journey.

Orange Jordan implemented the free programs in Aqaba, in cooperation with its partners, particularly the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, which was keen to support these programs due to their immense role in empowering the governorate’s youth with essential professional and digital skills.

The CEO of Orange Jordan, Philippe Mansour, congratulated the graduates, stating: “I am very happy to be here in Aqaba to support the governorate’s youth and recognize their accomplishments and efforts in the FabLab and Coding Academy to be ready for the job market and launch tech-based projects that can attract investments”.

Speaking about the importance of Orange Jordan’s digital and entrepreneurial programs, Mansour added: “As a responsible digital leader, Orange has long been keen to expand the scope of its programs in line with market needs to provide the in-demand skillset and knowledge necessary for Aqaba’s youth and the growth of the Kingdom’s digital economy and innovation culture. I would like to thank the European Union and all of our partners for their role in these programs and for believing in their impact in Aqaba, the commercial and tourist hub that drives the Jordanian economy forward”.

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