Ministry tackles 70 shop violations with fake offers, discounts

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(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Staff of the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Supply recorded 70 violations over the past week by shops announcing fake offers and discounts, according to ministry spokesperson Yanal Al-Barmawi, Al-Mamlaka TV reported on Sunday.اضافة اعلان

The announcement came one day after the Consumer Protection Association (CPA) said it has received complains from citizens on fake offers and discounts offered in sales during what Jordanians call “White Friday,” CPA Media Advisor Hussein Al-Amoush said.

Amoush said that the prices of some commodities remained the same before and after the sales.

He urged consumers to check the prices of products before purchasing them, and to compare them to the rates offered before and after discounts.

He also asked merchants to offer real discounts on products.

White Friday is derived from “Black Friday”, the sales offered following Thanksgiving in the US, that marks the start of the Christmas shopping season there.

Barmawi,  said the commercial stores in question “did not abide by sales provisions”.

He explained that the ministry takes legal measures if any establishment violates the provisions of the Industry and Trade Law, which prohibits stores from announcing discounts without specifying the period of the discount.

The law also prohibits stores from exceeding specified discount periods, and from announcing discounts without providing the goods that are covered by those discounts.

In conjunction with the White Friday sales event, the ministry intensified monitoring of all markets, with staff conducting daily inspections to verify the validity of offers and discounts, and ensure that merchants adhere to the provisions of the Industry and Trade Law, he said.

Any merchant or commercial store may announce discounts or sales at any time, but they must adhere to related laws and regulations, Barmawi said in a separate statement carried by Khaberni.

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