Leading investor threatens to pull out if transport system changes

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(File photo: Jordan News)

AMMAN — Ibrahim Naouri, who is dubbed the biggest investor in the transport sector, warned of his intention to sell all his trucks and properties in Jordan if the government and the Ministry of Transport change the current transport handling system.اضافة اعلان

According to Ammon News, Naouri stated that a queue system for both large shipping companies and individual carriers "is a crime against companies". He also voiced his surprise at the fact that companies that cost millions are expected to stand in a line behind an individual carrier. 

The government's move to adopt a queue system to meet the demands of drivers that were currently on strike, he said, would destroy shipping companies who have “suffered for 10 years from government unjust governmental decision”. 

These decisions, he added, have caused significant losses. 

He stressed what was currently happening was a “catastrophic” failure on the side of transport ministers.

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