Jordan succeeds in building strong ICT sector — stakeholder

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AMMAN — With His Majesty King Abdullah’s support, the Kingdom succeeded in building a “strong and competitive” information and communication technologies (ICT) sector and attracted international companies, said a Jordan Chamber of Commerce (JCC) official, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.اضافة اعلان

The official, communications and information technology sector representative in JCC Haitham Rawajbeh said the sector enjoys the King’s support and attention.

That motivated ICT operating companies to expand and grow locally and export many of their services in the software field to many Arab and foreign countries, which created thousands of job opportunities for Jordanians, he said.

In a statement on Saturday, Rawajbeh said the ICT sector has “promising” opportunities, in light of Jordan’s infrastructure, resources and trained and qualified human competencies in the field.

Jordan attracted and localized international companies to invest and carry out their operations in the Kingdom in the important strategic sector, thanks to the country’s “great” development, and its continuous efforts to keep up with the accelerating events, globally and regionally, and Jordanian competencies working in this field, Rawajbeh said.

The ICT sector and entrepreneurship have made “great” achievements over the past years, as Jordan has become one of the most “advanced and prosperous countries in the region in this vital field,” he pointed out.

Jordan is banking on the ICT sector, which is growing annually, to provide more job opportunities for young people, support the national economy by shifting to the digital economy, and to attract more international companies to open regional offices, he said.

Rawajbeh said the ICT sector is a pillar of national security, and an important revenue source and supporter of Jordan’s economy. He added that the industry has proven high capabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic, whether in terms of supporting the fight against the pandemic, or facilitating activities and operations of economic sectors and citizens’ lives.

He also noted that introducing 5G services to the local market will reflect “positively” on reviving the national economy, enhancing its competitiveness, attracting investments, encouraging leadership and innovation, and increasing employment opportunities and gaining expertise.

Jordanian companies operating in the ICT sector have gone a long way in development and growth, and have become supportive of many regional countries by providing solutions for their various economic and service sectors, and exporting software and qualified and specialized human competencies, he noted.

As for JCC’s efforts, he said the chamber maintains “constant” contact with the sector’s workers and seeks to solve and overcome any obstacles facing their operations, in cooperation with the concerned government departments.

During 2021, the sector’s contribution to the gross domestic product was valued at JD900 million annually, at a 3 percent rate, while it is forecast to reach JD3 billion, or 3.9 percent, during the year 2033, when the Economic Modernization Vision (EMV) is completed.

The number of the sector’s workers reached some 25,000 during the past year, constituting 1.6 percent of the total volume of employment in the Kingdom, while their number will reach 101,000 full-time workers in 2033, according to EMV.

In addition, the ICT sector’s exports during the past year amounted to JD200 million, which constituted 1.9 percent of the Kingdom’s total exports, while they are forecast to reach JD4.5 billion by 2033, as set in the EMV. 

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