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Experience Fine tissues’ fresh new feel

Fluffy 10 Rolls
(Photos: Fine Hygienic Holding)
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AMMAN — You might think that there is no scope for innovation when it comes to tissue paper, but for Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), the world-leading wellness group and manufacturer of hygienic paper products and long-term germ protection solutions, nothing could be further from the truth. Its ambition to always improve motivated the group to embark on a project earlier this year to refresh its familiar product portfolio, which includes facial and toilet tissues and kitchen towels, by making them stronger, thicker, and softer than ever before.اضافة اعلان

Fine tissues are already recognized as the no. 1 sterilized tissue in the world, thanks to the group’s relentless dedication to making its tissues as pure as possible. It has achieved this by utilizing its patented SteriPro method to ensure that 99 percent of germs and viruses are eliminated in the manufacturing process. With that in mind, finding a way to improve the product seems difficult. But undeterred, Fine focused on perfecting what ultimately matters most to the consumer: strength, absorbency, and softness.

CEO of FHH, James Michael Lafferty, explains, “We have always been committed to offering superior quality products to our customers, and our new product portfolio is a testament to that. Our customers can now buy their favorite Fine product and notice how the tissue is softer, stronger, and more absorbent.”

Lafferty pointed out that for Fine, the well-being of its customers is always of utmost importance, which is why the group constantly tries to find new ways to improve its offerings and make it easier for shoppers to find and select the product that best fits their needs and budgets. The design team worked hard to achieve a vibrant and eye-catching update of the packaging to make it more distinctive and attractive to shoppers.

The instore launch of the revamped range kicked off in April 2022 with a series of exciting consumer activations, in the presence of social media influencers, inside two of Amman’s largest and busiest hypermarkets — Carrefour and Safeway — which included an acrobatic flash mob and shoppers were invited to take part in fun games and competitions proving the strength and absorbency of Fine’s new facial tissues, paper towels, and toilet paper. The event brought attention to the products, reminding customers to always look out for Fine brand and be sure of getting the best quality money can buy.

Such a radical project, to overhaul an entire line from the ground up, has never been attempted by any hygienic paper company, but it is merely the latest of many reinventions FHH has accomplished since it was established in 1958. The group soon grew from a trading company into a regional industry leader by providing both the highest quality product and the best value to its customers. The group’s production operations are now in four countries — Jordan, the UAE, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia — and it exports to 80 global markets.

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