Careem Jordan drives towards a greener future

Expanding electric fleet for a more eco-friendly transportation

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PRESS RELEASE — Careem, the region’s leading multi-service app, takes a significant step towards revolutionizing urban mobility by increasing its fleet of electric vehicles (EVs). This move showcases Careem's strong commitment to sustainability as it aims to evolve into an environmentally conscious Everything App.اضافة اعلان

In line with the government’s shift toward environmentally conscious practices, Careem recognizes the pressing need to reduce carbon emissions and foster cleaner air quality in our communities and is taking significant steps to contribute to this movement in Jordan. Careem’s adoption to EVs has experienced a notable increase following Covid, for this has been influenced by the unit economics for Captains, the growing environmental awareness among users, and the introduction of tailored EV offerings, including extended warranties, financing options, maintenance, and repair services.
EV fleet at Careem has steadily grown by an average of 170% per year in the past 3 years
Over the past three years, the EV fleet's contribution to Careem's operations has steadily grown by an average of 170% a year, reaching around 30% increase in 2023 so far. A recent highlight has been the addition of 50 Yellow taxi EVs in Irbid, resulting in a 20% expansion of the overall fleet and a remarkable 45% surge in EV contributions to the Irbid base.

Farah Odeh, General Manager of Careem in Jordan commented: “We are proud to align Careem with Jordan's vision of a greener future, reinforcing our commitment to provide users with convenient and reliable access to EVs. We have partnered with different EV car manufacturers in the market such as BYD, MG, and GAC, with financing options that enable the existing fleet to slowly but gradually convert to EVs.” She added, “By embracing this green transition, Careem is not only setting an example for the industry but also shaping a brighter and cleaner future for generations to come."

The EV market in Jordan has witnessed remarkable growth, with the market share of EVs reaching 34.6% from 2018 to 2022, in addition to a 169% increase in the number of EVs registered in 2022 compared to 2021, which underscores the increasing public awareness and demand for sustainable transportation options. Local experts anticipate a 68% annual growth on the demand for imported EVs in Jordan, signifying a strong consumer shift towards eco-friendly alternatives. The government plans to install 10,000 public charging stations over the next three years, which provides accessibility to a bigger EV charging network around the country.
Around 30% overall increase in Careem’s EV fleet YTD
Careem launched in Jordan in 2015, commencing operations in Amman before expanding to Irbid and Zarqa. Careem Jordan offers a wide range of services to cater to the diverse needs of its customers including ride-hailing, food delivery, shop delivery, and customer and corporate on-demand delivery service (BOX). Careem Plus is a monthly subscription service that offers exclusive discounts and benefits on select Careem services.

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