At $18b, Kuwaiti investments in Jordan are highest in Arab world

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(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Kuwait’s Ambassador to Jordan Aziz Al-Daihani said on Tuesday that his country’s investments in Jordan are the highest among their Arab counterparts, estimated at $18 billion, according to Al-Ghad News.اضافة اعلان

Speaking on the sidelines of the Jordan-Gulf Economic Forum, Daihani said that the scope of Jordan-Gulf cooperation is wide, as Gulf investments in Jordan cover various economic and services sectors, give the Jordanian economy added value, and open the way for more job opportunities.

Daihani stressed the importance of the forum in expanding the areas of partnership between the private sectors of the two sides by expanding investments and cooperation to face global economic challenges and enhance joint Arab action.

He said that the forum provides an opportunity for Gulf and Jordanian businessmen to explore investment opportunities available in Jordan and the GCC countries in a way that contributes to building bridges of cooperation and integration, and serves the interests of Arab peoples.

Daihani highlighted the depth of diplomatic relations between Jordan and Kuwait, which go back to 1961 and were rooted in the leaderships of the two countries over the past years.

The forum started in Amman on Tuesday, and discussed the prospects of economic partnership between Jordan and GCC countries, and the investment opportunities available to both sides.

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