Traffic of goods to Syria through Aqaba port grew by over 900%

4. Jaber Border
Jaber border. (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — President of Owners of Clearance and Transport Companies Association Daifallah Abu Aqouleh said that traffic of goods to Syria through the port of Aqaba during 2021 grew by more than 900 percent compared to previous years, according to Khaberni.اضافة اعلان

This is proof of the efficiency with which the flow of transit trucks is controlled, he said in a press statement on Wednesday, adding that the government provided facilities to ease the flow of goods to the Syrian market and gave privileges to those who transport and deliver Syrian goods and pass through the Kingdom, whether on land or through the port of Aqaba,

He added that his organization has many dealings with various Syrian commercial and industrial companies, and that it has begun to witness remarkable activity since the opening of the land borders and the ending of the back-to-back system.

The rise in global sea freight fees prompted many Syrian traders and importers to switch to importing and supplying goods through the port of Aqaba, instead of the ports in Tartous and Latakia, to reduce costs and save import time.

Abu Aqouleh also said that companies operating in the clearance sector take full care of transactions for Syrian goods that pass through the territory of the Kingdom and deliver goods to Syria via trucks, and expressed hope that Jordanian trade and services entities participation in the Damascus fair will contribute to strengthening the relations with the Syrian private sector and to introducing it to the procedures and fees related to importing goods.

Abu Aqouleh expressed hope that the two countries will work to reconsider the fees imposed on Jordanian and Syrian trucks transporting transit goods, and called on the Syrian side to allow goods loaded in containers and imported from the port of Aqaba to enter Syria.

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