Officials welcome the easing of restrictions, will help economy

4. Restrictions Lifted (Ghad)
According to the latest decision, the quarantine period for individuals infected is reduced to five days. (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Officials welcomed the decision to ease COVID-19 measures, with some anticipating even further measures, including the cancelation of defense orders.اضافة اعلان

According to the latest decision, the quarantine period for individuals infected is reduced to five days, while people who came in contact with infected persons do not have to isolate anymore.

Also, the Ministry of Health will conduct only 4,000 tests daily, a massive decrease from the more than 70,000 tests carried out in previous weeks, and the requirement of a negative PCR test result for travelers arriving in Jordan is cancelled.

Practitioner of Community Medicine Dr Jamil Qatatsheh told Jordan News that “now is a good time to ease the measures since the country is reaching herd immunity due to the vast number of people who are vaccinated, besides the fact that many people were exposed to the virus even if they did not get infected.”

Still, Qatatsheh stressed that it is important for individuals to take preventive measures to avoid becoming infected.

"I do not expect that there will be a fifth wave. The virus exists amongst us and cannot be terminated, so we have to deal with it differently. In the stages that we passed through when the number of cases was low, it made sense to have these restrictive measures. However, the measures are no longer beneficial when the numbers of infections increased, besides the increase in COVID variants," he said.

Lawmaker Salah Al-Armouti told Jordan News that it is necessary to ease the COVID-19 measures and ask that the defense orders be cancelled, as they, together with the other measures, negatively affected citizens and the economy.

"They should remove all the (restrictive) measures to maintain social security. The government does not have an estimate of the extent to which these measures impacted the nation," Armouti said.

Economy and investment specialist Wajdi Makhamreh told Jordan News that easing the measures is bound to positively impact the economy, especially the tourism and all related sectors, which were severely affected by the pandemic.

"I expect the easing will help improve the flow of tourists. The golden triangle (Wadi Rum, Petra, Aqaba) is the area that will benefit the most," Makhamreh said.

"However, defense orders are still present; I expect that some measures are here to stay for longer. Also, I expect that the government will become stricter in terms of vaccination," Makhamreh added.

Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Spokesman Ahmad Al-Rifai told Jordan News that the easing of measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic will contribute to alleviating the consequences of the pandemic on the tourism sector, revitalizing it.

“Through the true partnership pursued by the ministry with the private sector, and through the vigor and solidarity of workers in the sector and service providers, and working with team spirit, the industry will be able to overcome this crisis,” Rifai said.

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