“Treatment for Israa in Jordan” tops the most trending list

Jerusalemite prisoner Israa Riyadh Jameel Jaabis
Palestinian prisoner Israa Riyadh Jameel Jaabis. (Photo: @Mahmoud3bbas, Twitter/X)
AMMAN – The hashtag "Treatment for Israa in Jordan" has topped the list of the most trending hashtags on social media in Jordan in the past few hours.اضافة اعلان

According to Khaberni, on Saturday evening, the Palestinian Prisoners and Liberators Authority and the Palestinian Prisoners Club published the names of the second batch of released female prisoners and children who will be released today, Saturday, as part of the ceasefire agreement, totaling (39). At the top of this list was the Jerusalemite prisoner Israa Riyadh Jameel Jaabis.

Jaabis is considered one of the icons of Palestinian women inside Israeli prisons, having spent more than 8 years in occupation prisons.

Jaabis, from the Jabal Mukaber area in Jerusalem, is 37-years-old. She was married and had one child, "Mu'tasim," when she was arrested at the age of just 4 years old.

She was arrested on October 11, 2015, near a major military checkpoint in the Zaim area on the road leading to Jerusalem, due to an explosion in her car. The Israeli authorities accused her of attempting to carry out a bombing operation in Jerusalem against the occupation forces. Following the explosion, a fire broke out inside her car.

The explosion resulted in Jaabis suffering first, second, and third-degree burns covering about 60 percent of her body, leading to deformities in her face, hands, chest, and erosion of 8 fingers from her hands, along with the attachment of the ear to the head and face.

Israa needs to undergo six surgical and cosmetic procedures to save her health, as she cannot serve herself without assistance. She suffered during the period of imprisonment due to the lack of necessary medical care, and the Israeli authorities, through the prison administration, refused to perform necessary surgical and cosmetic procedures for her physical, psychological, and health well-being, as stated by the former spokesperson for the Prisoners Affairs Authority, Hasan Abdul Rabbu, earlier.

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