Transforming education: British Council’s MENA impact

According to a recent study, 99 percent of parents express a preference for UK International School Qualifications

British Council’s Director of Exams for MENA North (Iraq, Jordan, Occupied Palestinian Territories, and Libya), Ameera Mannaa. (Photo: British Council)
AMMAN — In a recent development, the British Council has launched a compelling campaign titled "Life Lessons," with the objective of inspiring educational excellence in Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. As part of this initiative, Jordan News conducted an insightful interview with Ameera Mannaa, British Council’s Director of Exams for MENA North (Iraq, Jordan, Occupied Palestinian Territories, and Libya), boasting over 27 years of experience in the education sector. اضافة اعلان

99 percent of students express a preference for UK International School QualificationsMannaa passionately delved into the campaign's significance, shedding light on the UK International Qualifications of Partner Schools in Jordan and their program structures, which serve as pillars in enhancing academic excellence not only in Jordan but also throughout the broader region. She articulated, "Acquiring a high-quality education is the foundation and catalyst for shaping a prosperous and successful future. Consequently, we are thrilled with the outcomes of a recent research endeavour by the British Council in Jordan, conducted as part of our 'Life Lessons' campaign. The research findings unveiled a remarkably high level of awareness among participating parents. Remarkably, 99 percent of them express a preference for UK International School Qualifications for their children, with 53 percent of parents participating in the survey agreeing that the UK International Qualifications help students to get into the workforce or into universities.

Furthermore, Mannaa expounded on the far-reaching objectives of the "Life Lessons" campaign. Notably, she mentioned that the campaign aims to foster collaboration and engagement among schools and educators, showcasing how working together with Partner Schools, parents and awarding bodies enables brighter futures for students, and sets them up for success. Mannaa elaborated, stating, “We believe that when schools and educators work together, share best practices, and learn from each other, we can create a supportive and conducive environment for teaching and learning”. She also emphasized that the campaign aims to raise awareness around the British Council's diverse roles, programs, and offerings, which include the IELTS examination and English language courses.

Educational resources and training materials reach a staggering 85,000 teachers worldwideCrucially, Mannaa emphasized that the British Council's mission goes beyond merely ensuring academic readiness. Their commitment extends to equipping students with 21st-century skills, essential for thriving in the global arena. To this end, the British Council provides comprehensive support across all facets of the educational process, including Partner Schools, examination boards, and a wide array of services tailored for school administrators, students, parents, and educators. Mannaa elaborated, stating, "Our educational resources and training materials reach a staggering 85,000 teachers worldwide, underscoring our unwavering dedication to enhancing their skills. This, in turn, has a positive ripple effect throughout the educational process, aligning perfectly with our enduring pursuit of academic excellence."

Earned the trust of more than 100 countries
When asked about the pivotal role of the British Council in Jordan in recent years, Mannaa remarked, "We have earned the trust of more than 100 schools and thousands of students and parents in Jordan through our exceptional educational services. We have effectively prepared the future generations of Jordan for their professional journeys." She continued, "With over six decades of extensive global experience and an annual provision of over four million internationally recognized UK International Qualifications in more than 100 countries, the British Council undeniably stands as a trusted educational authority and a symbol of quality in Jordan and the broader region. Our unwavering commitment to supporting Partner Schools in fostering a secure educational environment for children and students has resulted in a substantial and tangible improvement in academic outcomes."

Mannaa stressed that maintaining the level of excellence achieved remains a paramount priority for the British Council. They actively seek feedback from Partner Schools and continuously address insights concerning various aspects of the educational process to drive necessary improvements. She added, "We also invest significantly in the training and empowerment of our team, particularly those who engage directly with Partner Schools. This includes providing comprehensive support and guidance to effectively lead and deliver UK International School Qualifications. Moreover, rigorous self-assessment remains at the core of our approach to ensure we remain on the right course."

Looking ahead, Mannaa reaffirmed the British Council's commitment to extending support to Partner Schools in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, UK awarding bodies, and the community. Their goal is to expand and enrich the scope of services and programs while remaining adaptable to evolving global trends, thus ensuring seamless integration in the region and alignment with the evolving needs of students. Mannaa concluded with heartfelt gratitude to the British Council's primary partners in Jordan, including the Ministry of Education, as well as UK awarding bodies which include the Cambridge Assessment International Education, Pearson, and OxfordAQA.

Reach extended to 600 million individuals
It is noteworthy that the British Council, as a British international organization, plays a pivotal role in facilitating cultural relations and educational opportunities. Their mission is dedicated to promoting peace and prosperity by fostering connections, understanding, and trust among individuals in the United Kingdom and across the globe, primarily through engagement in arts, culture, education, and the English language. The British Council collaborates with individuals in over 200 countries and territories, maintaining a presence in more than 100 countries. In the years 2022 and 2023, their reach extended to an astounding 600 million individuals globally.

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