Rise in COVID-19 cases 'alarming' — expert

Around 4.09 percent of the 24,968 COVID-19 tests that were conducted today came back positive. (Photo: Unsplash)
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The country’s COVID-19 epidemiological curve is “alarming” said epidemiological expert Abdul Rahman Maani, pointing to the rise in cases in the 41st week of the year, according to a report in Al Ghad. اضافة اعلان

Total COVID-19 cases over the past week topped 9,456 compared to just 7,750 the week before, according to Adel Al Balbisi, secretary general of the Ministry of Health. He said that the positivity rate has also gone up by 1.1 percent from the previous week, reaching 4.87 percent compared to 3.74 percent.

“We must stress that the rate of positive cases has started to increase, rising to five percent for more than three consecutive days, which is alarming and makes us fear the worst,” Maani said.

He said the weekly rise in cases of between 10 to15 percent started from the 40th week of the year and continued through the 41st and 42nd week. Maani said that the epidemiological situation needs to be re-evaluated before winter.

He said the crowded gatherings which took place recently at the Jerash festival, and other similar concerts and gatherings, has had a negative impact on the epidemiological situation.

Maani said there has been an obvious lack of commitment to observing health care measures, adding that the Ministry of Health must expand its vaccination drive and increase inspection visits to establishments.

He said that gatherings where preventative measures are not taken would burden the country with additional costs, adding that the ministry must intensify its efforts and prevent such gatherings and parties.

Balbisi, for his part, pointed out that the number of cases admitted to hospitals to date have remained within the normal range, adding that there is no pressure on the medical sector so far. 

He added, however, that cases might rise further in the upcoming period, stressing the importance of following all preventive health measures and the need to take the vaccine.

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