Poultry boycott campaign will not impact prices — Jamjoum

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Jordan’s chicken consumption is estimated at about 700,000 chickens per day. (Photo: Envato Elements)

AMMAN — Midst a poultry and eggs boycott campaign, due to the government removing a cap on chicken prices, the Poultry and Feed Investors Association president Abdel Shakour Jamjoum stated that the boycott will not impact prices as they depend on the international price of fodder.اضافة اعلان

Hashtags is Arabic including #Chicken_boycott and #Boycotting_chicken_is_a_national_duty have been trending alongside photos of meals cooked without chicken as consumers resorted to social media in support of the campaign as a protest against the government’s lack of action.

The Jordanian market recently witnessed a hike in chicken prices, exceeding JD2 per kilogram. And due to the increase in fodder prices globally, the government removed price ceilings from poultry and eggs.

However, the government has stated that it will continue to monitor the prices of chicken daily to watch for exaggerations or unjustified prices.

Yet, despite the removal of price ceilings, Shakour contended that the poultry sector in Jordan is “losing in all cases; whether the prices are high or low”, according to Khaberni News.

He added that the poultry prices will not decline as long as the feed prices are internationally high, indicating that the Jordanian government purchases feed at their global prices but with an added tax.

Jordan’s chicken consumption is estimated at about 700,000 chickens per day, however producers can cover 130 percent of this, meaning there is a surplus, according to government officials.

Several measures have been taken by the government to deal with price hikes, including a 30 percent reduction to inspection costs.

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