Police arrest Jordan's most wanted drug dealer suspect in Amman

(Photo: PSD)
AMMAN — Police arrest Jordan's most wanted drug dealer suspect in Amman, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.

The police have arrested the most wanted cocaine dealer suspect in Amman as part of the Anti-Narcotics Department (AND's) national campaign to crack down on drug dealers.اضافة اعلان

The Public Security Directorate (PSD) Saturday reported that AND launched a campaign to crack down on narcotics trafficking, selling, and distribution.

The PSD noted that AND worked on three cases and concluded investigating them, while others are under investigation.

It confirmed that one of the investigation teams had arrested the most wanted man suspected of promoting and selling cocaine in Amman.

The police arrested the suspect in Amman, who had one kilogram of hashish and 200 illegal tablets in his possession.

AND had searched the suspect's home and found 2.5-kilogram of cocaine, a large amount of hashish and other illegal narcotics, and a firearm.

The suspect is being investigated by the police, pending prosecution.

Cocaine, the substance of which the suspect is accused of trafficking, is the least trafficked in Jordan, the PSD explained.

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