Parents of detained Jordanians ‘agonized’ as fate remains unknown

The parents of two Jordanians who were arrested on May 16 after sneaking across the border into Israel told Jordan News they have not heard anything lately on their sons. A lawyer representing the two boys said he hopes to speak to them on Monday. (Photo: Shutterstock)
AMMAN — “When I heard the news, it was as if the entire world stopped,” said Rasmiya Mahmoud, the mother of Khalifa Anouz, a Jordanian man detained by Israel after crossing the border into Palestine.اضافة اعلان

After having lost a child two years ago, Rasmiya, who is disabled and visually impaired, finds herself incapable of normally proceeding with her life as long as the fate of her son is unknown, she told Jordan News. 

She added that they have been trying to get in touch with her detained son but to no avail. The mother is, therefore, desperately calling for the intervention of His Majesty, King Abdullah.

Khalifa’s parents are in a state of agony, said Rozana, their daughter-in-law. “Tears do not leave their faces. His mom will not eat or talk to anyone. All she does is pray for the release of Khalifa from captivity,” she said. 

Rozana added that Khalifa’s father, Mahmoud, found the foreign minister’s statement about the detainees quite disappointing.

“The agonizing pain of loss they are going through was renewed with the absence of Khalifa,” she said.

Fatimah Omari, the mother of the other detainee, Musab Daajeh, said she has also been plagued by rough days and sleepless nights ever since she received the news about her son through social media platforms on Sunday.

“Musab often complained about the lack of opportunities in building a future,” she said. “But I asked him to be patient and optimistic because what is coming next is better.”

Fatimah lost a 20-year-old son in a car accident. Being unable to contact the detainees has multiplied her feelings of anxiety, she told Jordan News.

The two men were arrested by Israeli occupation forces on May 16 after they snuck across the borders following a protest in Karama.

The detainees’ attorney, Khaled Mahajneh, told Jordan News that the men are being held on suspicion of “entering the country to commit a terrorist act.”

According to Mahajneh, Khalifa and Musab have been prohibited from seeing their attorney since the start of the investigation.

The lawyer added that a plea to revoke that decision was refused, under the pretext of obstructing the course of the investigation.

The attorney, who specializes in cases of prisoners and captives, submitted another plea on Sunday morning to the district court to appeal the decision. He expects to have an appointment with the court on Sunday night or Monday morning.

He concluded by saying it is too early to discuss the ruling and the status of the detainees because they are still under investigation.

The lawyer told Mamlaka TV later on Sunday that he would meet with Khalifa and Musab on Monday as a decision barring him from seeing the two expires.

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