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More Jordanians visit psychiatric clinics — Shaban

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AMMAN — More Jordanians are visiting psychiatric clinics, Jordanian Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment Consultant Mohammad Shaban said, according to Khaberni.اضافة اعلان

The number of people suffering from mental illnesses is almost the same abroad, Shaban said, citing a World Health Organization report, which noted that about one billion people worldwide suffer from mental illnesses.

Shaban said more Jordanians are searching the Internet for diagnosis on their symptoms in the past five years.

He said that the increase in the number of Jordanians visiting psychiatric clinics is a positive indication of the significant change in the negative perspective, and the culture of shame that has marred the treatment of mental illnesses for many years.

He explained that patients hesitate to seek psychiatric treatment because of their deteriorating financial condition, and the absence of insurance coverage of mental illness treatment.

Shaban said that there is a “noticeable increase in the number of Jordanians receiving treatment for alcohol and drug addiction as well, due to a recent increase in the number of addicts.”

He said that mental illness is “not different from physical sickness, and we are all exposed to it, and I assure you that what is called the culture of shame, along with the social and personal stigma of mental illness among Jordanians will disappear very soon”.

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