Ministry of Water postpones monthly water bill issuance

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AMMAN — The Ministry of Water and Irrigation announced the postponement of the monthly issuance of water bills until further notice. The ministry's spokesperson, Omar Salama, made the announcement on Wednesday, citing incomplete procedures and economic circumstances as the reasons for the delay.اضافة اعلان

According to Salama the only city where monthly billing is applied is Aqaba, and it will remain so.

The ministry in October announced that water bills would be issued monthly at the beginning of 2023 instead of every three months. The modification of the issuance of bills is intended to reduce water loss and to monitor water monthly by the ministry and citizens.

No backing down
Salama added that the ministry has not backed down on issuing monthly bills, but the decision has been postponed to complete the technical and logistical procedures related to quality control so that they can be issued effectively and smoothly.

The spokesperson also confirmed that the change in the mechanism of issuing bills monthly has nothing to do with bill prices, and that "water prices will not be raised" for subscribers.

The current tariff will remain unchanged, he said.

‘Convenient installments’Salama pointed out that the ministry has receivables from citizens amounting to more than JD200 million, adding that this amount increases the burden on the water sector.

However, the ministry has put in place convenient installment programs to ease the burden on citizens, in addition to significant fwaacilitation procedures, to prevent water from being cut off.

While the postponement of the monthly water bills issuance is currently indefinite, Salama stated that the ministry may be able to issue them monthly later this year.

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