Ministry of Tourism to begin establishing Um Ar-Rasas museum

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AMMAN — A team from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the Department of Antiquities, and specialists and experts, recently visited the archaeological sites of Um Ar-Rasas, Al-Lahun, and Tal Dhiban to assess their current situation and identify their needs.اضافة اعلان

According to a statement by the Department of Antiquities on Wednesday, Fadi Balaawi, the director-general of the department, announced that a museum will be established at the Um Ar-Rasas visitors' center, according to Khaberni.

A team will be formed to design the museum, and Balaawi highlighted the importance of reusing the center more effectively than it is currently.

Procedures and securityDuring the visit, the team also identified the most significant obstacles and procedures that must be taken to solve the problem of electricity and provide it to the site completely.

Balaawi stressed the necessity of lighting the site in a distinctive and effective manner that provides the necessary protection.

Moreover, Balaawi declared that Um Ar-Rasas will be the first site to be covered by the security system, including surveillance cameras and electronic gates, to provide security and protection.

Restoration and rehabilitation worksBalaawi also directed that maintenance and restoration work be carried out on a number of churches and mosaics.

Heritage houses will be placed on the visitor's path at the site, and the path's direction will be changed in some places to make it more comprehensive and accurate. He also ordered the rehabilitation of the Al-Lahun site in preparation for its opening.

At the Tal Dhiban archaeological site, the team was briefed on the action plan for building the visitors' center and the stages of its work.

The team emphasized the need to start excavation work at the site to reveal its essential features and create a path that demonstrates the visitor's journey.

In addition, explanatory signboards will be placed to explain the history of the archaeological hill.

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