Ministry aims for vocational training aligned with market needs — Owais

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Minister of Education Wajih Owais said that the ministry is currently working on developing vocational education within a two-year work plan aimed at achieving a qualitative leap in vocational training that creates work opportunities for youth and fulfills market needs.اضافة اعلان

“The ministry is working to bring about real change in vocational education to produce outputs that are compatible with the needs of the labor market,” Owais told Jordan News.

The ministry will soon announce its action plan, set to align with the recommendations of the national strategy for human resource development, and its implementation on the ground by linking education with the labor market requirements, said Owais.

According to Owais, vocational education will likely be designed into a three-year program, rather than the existing two-years to allow students more time to acquire the skills needed to compete in the work market and eventually replace foreign workers. He also voiced hope that the program would incentivize and encourage youth and future generations to opt for vocational training.

What is needed to achieve the ministry’s goals, according to Owais, are intensive teacher training, equipping schools with the necessary technologies, in addition to a modern curriculum that brings the desired outcomes.

In light of the high cost of the program, the plan will be implemented in stages over a two-year period, most likely to start in another two years. 

The ministry’s Director of the Department of Vocational Education and Production Liwa-Eddin Jaradat told Jordan News that 28,424 male and female students are enrolled in the secondary vocational track for the current academic year, of whom 15,045 are males, and 13,379 females, divided among four vocational streams.

Jaradat said the ministry is addressing several components as it develops vocational training for the secondary school level, namely increasing the number of enrolled students, governance, developing vocational education outputs, building the capacity of teachers,  and establishing effective partnerships with the private sector as well as other international institutions.

A special committee, named Secondary Vocational Education Development Committee has been tasked with developing a comprehensive vision. According to Acting Director-General of the Vocational Training Corporation Omar Quteishat, the committee has submitted its report to the minister of education for review and approval.

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