Meeting did not discuss Jordan-Syria water — ministers

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMANSyrian Minister of Agriculture Mohamed Hassan Qatna said that the international agreements on water sharing by Syria and Jordan observe the parties’ rights, but climatic conditions and the scarce rain have resulted in water shortages in the two countries, according to Al-Ghad News.اضافة اعلان

Qatna told Al-Mamlaka TV that the water situation between the two countries was not discussed during the meeting of the ministers of agriculture of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq.

“During the war, Syria was hit by drought, which led to a decrease in water resources, especially in the southern region, during the years 2014–2021,” he said.

Regarding the extent of Syria’s commitment under agreements signed by the two countries, one of which is the Greater Arab Free Trade Area, signed in 2005, together with the agreement signed in 2010, under which exporters are allowed to market their products in all Syrian governorates, Qatna said that this is linked to Syria’s return to the fold of the Arab League.

Syria has not withdrawn from any agreement. If Syria rejoins the Arab League, it will abide by all agreements, whether signed with Jordan or any other country, he said.

Earlier on Monday, Minister of Agriculture Khaled Al-Hneifat told Al-Mamlaka TV that his talks with Qatna did not touch upon arrangements related to the water sector between Jordan and Syria, but that in the coming days there will be expanded meetings, at a regional level, that will see the participation of ministers in other sectors, such as transport and water, and thus talks could cover issues related to water.

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