MOE to freely distribute food to students in eight government districts

Schools food meals
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Ministry of Education (MOE) has launched the Food Production Kitchens project, distributing food meals to students in government schools across eight districts. This initiative supports approximately 100,000 students for 60 days in regions including Madaba, Shouneh Al-Janoubiyah, Tafilah, Basira,  Al-Aghwar Al-Janoubiyah, Mafraq, Ramtha, and the South Eastern Badia.اضافة اعلان

The project covers KG2 and primary school students from grades one to six in government schools, providing a meal package with a pastry item and a choice of either an apple or a banana, Al-Mamlaka News reported.

Further assistance, WFP involvementThe World Food Program directly assists this program, ensuring that over 420,000 children, including vulnerable Jordanian youth and refugees, receive nutritious snacks during school hours.

In addition, the program creates jobs for approximately 700 individuals, with a focus on encouraging the participation of women and people with disabilities.

This initiative supports the well-being and education of Jordan's youth, covering more than half a million students in 34 education districts and three UNRWA-affiliated camps.

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