Jordan to announce major projects ­— Shboul

Faisal Shboul
State Minister for Media Affairs, Faisal Al-Shboul. (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Despite the fallouts from COVID-19, Jordan is pressing ahead with an important agenda on modernizing the political system, developing the public sector, and economic reform, said State Minister for Media Affairs, Faisal Al-Shboul.اضافة اعلان

Shboul said Sunday that legislation pertaining to political modernization, represented by laws governing political parties, elections and relevant constitutional amendments, will have a far-reaching impact, according to AmmanNet.

On a committee to develop the public sector, headed by the prime minister, Shboul said it will announce the outcome of its work in mid-June. The minister said the core will be developing the public sector’s administrative tasks whose performance has slipped in the past few years.

Shboul revealed that the government will announce major projects in conjunction with the Kingdom’s celebrations of Independence Day on May 25, marking the entry of the Centenary of the formation of the Jordanian state. Notably among the projects is the National Water Carrier, he added.

Shboul pointed to other projects that will be announced successively, such as The Teaching Hospital Project funded by the Saudi-Jordan investment Fund, and the railway project between Aqaba and Madouneh. He said the projects will contribute to moving the economy and creating job opportunities.

Commenting on poultry shortages during Eid Al-Fitr holiday, Shboul said there were multiple reasons involved, such as an increased demand by restaurants and slaughterhouses closing down shop to mark the holiday.

He asserted that the supply returned to normal on Sunday, and that Poultry prices are close to last  year’s.

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