Jordan’s rising crime rate

due to family disintegration and social media violence – Professor of Sociology

(File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — According to sociologist Professor Hussein Hussein Al-Khaza’I, the Kingdom’s escalating crime rate can be attributed to the disintegration of the nuclear family from within, prolonged family disputes, and the dissemination of violent content through social media platforms. اضافة اعلان

He claimed that approximately 40 percent of inmates in rehabilitation centers end up recommitting crimes, Nabd News reported.

He further emphasized the existence of "prison gangs" comprising around 7,000 inmates who persistently engage in criminal activities.

Distressing situations
Al-Khaza'i drew attention to a distressing situation within some Jordanian families, where both parents are incarcerated while their unsupervised children roam the streets freely. This lack of supervision significantly contributes to their involvement in criminal behavior.

He stated, "Twelve homicides were committed by minors in Jordan during the past year of 2022, and official data from the General Security Director indicates the arrest of 67 drug dealers below the age of 18."

On a different note, legal expert Salah Jabr asserted that the penalties in place are meant to act as deterrents. Amendments to the Penal Code have led to increased punishments and fines for offenders. However, despite these measures, the crime rate in Jordan remains high.

Jabr elucidated that the underlying issue lies not solely in the severity of punishment but rather in identifying the root causes of the recorded crime rates in Jordan. He emphasized that judges base their rulings on the available evidence.

Additionally, Jabr pointed out that repeat offenders sometimes exploit the law by filing counter-complaints in an attempt to evade punishment and exert pressure on the opposing party.

Social media and violent content
Furthermore, he shed light on how social media platforms play a significant role in the proliferation of crime. Certain materials circulating on these platforms promote violence and chaos, acting as conduits for the transmission of criminal behavior.

The situation calls for a comprehensive approach to tackling the complex factors contributing to the rise in crime rates in Jordan, encompassing efforts to strengthen family unity, expedite conflict resolution, and address the influence of social media on vulnerable individuals.

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