Jordan ranks 11th in Arab world regarding average teacher wages

Teacher and school children in classroom
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — According to data published by the “Lebanon Directly” website, teachers in Saudi Arabia are the highest paid in the Arab world, earning $3,375 a month, according to Ammon News.اضافة اعلان

Jordan, where teachers receive an average monthly salary of $680, ranks 11th in the Arab world.

The salaries of teachers in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, Qatar, The UAE and Kuwait are somewhat similar, depending on the nature of work and years of experience, as are the salaries of teachers in Tunisia, Palestine, and Algeria, data shows.

Salaries of teachers in Jordan are similar to those in Morocco and Oman, while teachers in Syria receives a monthly salary of $50, which is the lowest in the Arab world, while in Lebanon teachers receive a monthly salary of $120.

Following is the list of salaries of teachers in a number of Arab countries: Saudi Arabia $3,375, Iraq $3,300, Bahrain $3,210, Qatar $3,050, the UAE $3,021, Kuwait $2,400, Palestine $1,650, Tunisia $1,550, Algeria $1,105, Oman $845, Jordan $680, Morocco $460, Egypt $144, Lebanon $120 and Syria $50.

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