Jordan Hosts "Friendship Jump" as Part of Eager Lion 2024 Military Exercise

Jordan Hosts "Friendship Jump" as Part of Eager Lion 2024 Military Exercise
Amman - Special Forces (CJSOTF) participating in the joint military exercise "Eager Lion 2024" conducted a joint "Friendship Jump" on Wednesday evening.اضافة اعلان

The event featured both regular and free jumps using MC6 and 10T parachutes. A total of 127 jumpers participated in the regular jumps, and 32 in the free jumps, representing Jordan, the United States, Greece, Cyprus, and Italy.

This jump aimed to enhance partnership and improve operational compatibility, thereby strengthening cooperation among the participating countries. It also facilitated the exchange of experiences in both conventional and unconventional operations.

The joint military exercise "Eager Lion 2024" is one of the most significant joint exercises conducted periodically with friendly and allied countries. Taking place from May 12-23, it aims to enhance the exchange of military expertise and achieve harmony in joint operations.

In a related event, the Trauma and Accident Unit at Al-Hussein Medical City conducted a mock evacuation drill on Thursday in the emergency room as part of the ongoing "Eager Lion 2024" activities.

The drill involved managing mass casualties at the scene and evacuating them to the emergency room at Al-Hussein Medical City. The exercise included addressing direct physical injuries and chemical and biological contamination, executed by 10 specialized teams from Al-Hussein Medical City.

This exercise ensures the readiness of the personnel in the Injuries and Accidents Unit to handle emergencies requiring evacuation both within and outside the work environment.

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