Illiteracy rate drops to 4.9% — Education minister

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AMMAN — According to the Minister of Education, Dr. Azmi Mahafzah, the illiteracy rate decreased to 4.9 percent with 2.4 percent among males and 7.3 percent among females. Mahafzah added that the number of adult education and literacy centers reached 162, opened for the academic year 2022 to 2023, including 137 centers for females and 25 for males. اضافة اعلان

A total of 1,896 learners enrolled, consisting of 1,544 females and 352 males, and the ministry provides study materials free of charge, Khaberni reported.

He emphasized that education is a renewable resource that contributes to society by providing trained and qualified human resources. It is a fundamental pillar for achieving sustainable development, an effective tool to enhance individuals' capacities, enabling them to benefit from training and job opportunities, improve their job performance, increase productivity, and raise their income.

These remarks were made during his speech on the occasion of the Arab Literacy Day celebrated on January 8, as established by the Arab Organization for Education, Culture, and Science through the "Arab Literacy and Adult Education Organization."

Mahafzah highlighted Jordan's awareness of the severity of the illiteracy problem as an obstacle to comprehensive societal development. The country annually participates in Arab countries' celebrations of Arab Literacy Day, conducting awareness campaigns about the importance of education and the dangers of illiteracy.

Open for adults
The governor also pointed out the significance of adult education programs in eradicating illiteracy and enhancing learning and continuous training opportunities for the community. The government has integrated adult education and literacy programs into the executive priorities of Jordan's economic modernization vision. The Ministry of Education opens centers for adult education and literacy across the kingdom, ensuring educational opportunities for citizens facing challenges in continuing their learning.

Culture reinforcement program enrolls 4,020 learners
To address the risks of dropout and its contribution to illiteracy, the ministry implemented a culture reinforcement program for dropouts, opening 204 centers with approximately 4,020 learners. Additionally, a remedial education program was launched for children aged 9-12 who were out of school, with 76 centers and 1,378 learners.

Mahafzah emphasized the Ministry's commitment to continuous improvement, conducting annual reviews of adult education programs within the strategic plan (2018-2025). The ministry is developing a national framework for adult education to align it with vocational and technical education based on labor market needs. The aim is to design programs and initiatives focusing on literacy, professional, health, and vocational education, promoting coordination between relevant ministries and institutions.

He concluded by inviting those who have not attended school due to their circumstances to join the various programs offered by the ministry in non-formal education. The ministry encourages enrollment in adult education and literacy centers for those who have not attended school, as well as culture reinforcement centers or remedial education centers for students who left school involuntarily.

This aligns with Jordan's educational policies, emphasizing His Majesty King Abdullah’s vision, and emphasizing the importance of developing human resources as the most valuable intellectual capital.

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