House speaker emphasizes Palestinian rights at Arab League meeting

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ahmed Al-Safadi. (Photo: Twitter/X)
CAIRO – On Thursday, Ahmed Al-Safadi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, said that the region will not accept security and stability without a fair solution to the Palestinian issue and establishing an independent state for them to live in safety and strength, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.اضافة اعلان

He added that Jordan continues to defend the historical and legitimate rights of the Palestinian people despite the growing challenges and increasing pressures. Safadi confirmed that any scenario of re-occupying Gaza, establishing isolated areas or displacing its people is rejected.

Safadi’s remarks came during his participation in the Arab Parliament session with the Arab League in Cairo, where he was a keynote speaker. He spoke in the presence of the Deputy Speaker of the Arab Parliament, MP Khalil Attia, MP Ali Al-Khalayleh, MP Ihsan Barakat, and the President of the Palestinian National Council, Rawhi Fattouh.

The following text is Safadi’s speech:

“Your Excellency, the President of the Arab Parliament, Adel Abdulrahman Al Asoomi.

Ladies and gentlemen, heads and members of the honorable delegations.

Peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you. Peace be upon Palestine, the land of the patient and steadfast. Peace be upon Gaza, which bestows honor upon the nation. Its children shine with a message that tells the nation: We are here to stay. We defend the land of the prophets. We resist with our bare chests the barrels of guns. We resist the occupier and the tyrant. Palestinian martyrs rise, are helped by martyrs, are filmed by martyrs, bid farewell by martyrs, and walk in his funeral procession as martyrs. They are prayed upon and buried as martyrs. Palestine gives birth to a thousand martyrs every day. However, we draw from the past and will not succumb to the occupier.

Ladies and gentlemen,

On the verge of the new year, we are approaching the end of the third month of the largest human massacre we have witnessed. Gaza is witnessing a genocide in every sense of the word, and whoever did not die under the bombardment and fire is threatened with death due to hunger and the spread of disease, as well as the lack of means to sustain life from basic needs. Meanwhile, the countries of our nation stand on the brink of despair, watching the Zionist machine increase wounds upon wounds in the body of the nation. Our people are living in despair due to the lack of options, and the lack of prospects for Arab solidarity in supporting the Palestinian cause, bound by chains of fear and condemnation.

We wake up every day to a humanitarian catastrophe in its worst form, where mass killings and the death toll are buried in mass graves. The occupation decided to punish the elderly, women, and children collectively as if it were taking revenge on itself with a retroactive effect of the victimhood that it has been lying about and repeating until its allies believed it without batting an eyelid at the Arab bloodshed in Gaza.

Ladies and gentlemen,

In the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, led by His Majesty King Abdullah, we stand with the Palestinian cause with all our beliefs and convictions, and we do so from the standpoint of the duty and legitimacy of the message of the Great Arab Revolution and its noble values. We are linked to the Palestinians by historical, geographical, and destiny ties, which do not break or separate. The era of brotherhood between us has been witnessed by history, and generations lived in its glories.

Since the first day of the brutal aggression, His Majesty King Abdullah II has spoken with the voice of truth and presented a real narrative that contributed to influencing international public opinion, which was coordinated behind the false narrative of the occupier, as Queen Rania Al-Abdullah presented important content in clarifying the image to the world, after the perpetrator portrayed himself as the victim, while Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah supervised the preparation of a second Jordan Field Hospital for Gaza, and HRH Princess Salma bint Abdullah also carried out air landing operations loaded with urgent relief for our Palestinian brothers so that Jordan would be committed to its people and steadfast in its position. And the heroes of the field hospital in our Arab army continue to provide service and care despite the shelling and destruction.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Jordan, with its leadership, army, people, parliament, government, and various institutions, has remained in the trench of defending Palestine, carrying the banner of defending the historical and legitimate rights of the Palestinian people despite the growing challenges and increasing pressures. Jordan faces on its northern front a war with gangs and militias smuggling weapons and drugs, which serve the Zionist project at best when targeting Jordan while it is on the front line of defense for Palestine.

Dear colleagues,

Jordan believes in a clear equation that the region will not enjoy security and stability without a comprehensive and fair solution to the Palestinian issue that meets the demands of the brothers to establish their independent state and live like other peoples of the world in security and stability.

We emphasize from here, from Egypt, that any scenario or thinking of re-occupying parts of Gaza, establishing isolated areas in it, or displacing its people is rejected. Therefore, today we must take a unified stance to reject the displacement of Palestinians from their land and to protect the unity of the land and the Palestinian people. There is no room today to separate what is happening in Gaza from what is being plotted for the West Bank if the occupation consolidates its extreme right-wing plans.

Here I say that the entire nation is indebted to the people of Gaza and the Palestinian people for protecting their land and resisting the brutal occupier, and their insistence on clinging to their rights no matter how much blood is shed and conspiracies are hatched, thus disabling the wheel of the Zionist illusion that wants to swallow more of the nation’s lands.

Ladies and gentlemen,

In summary, denying Palestinian rights and continuing the aggression against civilians in Gaza would transfer the conflict and expand it into a catastrophe that would last longer throughout the region and make it difficult to remedy the situation. In the Arab parliaments, we must expose the occupier by addressing international parliaments to pressure their governments to take positions that reject war and call for its cessation, and to hold the entity and its leaders accountable for their heinous crimes against our steadfast people in Gaza and the West Bank.

Gaza was struck by its steadfastness, the face of the occupier that is thirsty for blood and crime, and the innocent children shattered all the claims of the army that claims it is invincible. The fragments of the martyrs were more telling than all of the speeches. Gaza has no voice, but it has its fate, pride and dignity, and it refuses to submit to the machinery of terrorism and destruction. Gaza has taught the whole world that the pages of heroism are not lost, that the land fights with its people, and that the identity of the Palestinians will remain a title of redemption, patience and heroism.

No matter how long it takes, a bright tomorrow will come, a tomorrow without an occupier, dragging the tails of disappointment and defeat, broken and defeated. The people of Palestine will raise the banner of victory, and it will rise with prayers from mosques and churches. The wounded will rise and go with the wind, as will the brutal aggressor.”

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