Experts worry that more young Jordanians are heading to TikTok

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The number of Jordanian smartphone users who have accounts on the TikTok application is estimated at more than 4.4 million, Al-Ghad daily reported on September 2. اضافة اعلان

Without referring to a particular study, the paper said that according to published global statistics, the numbers of Jordanian users of this widespread “controversial” APP is a cause for concern.

It said that many Jordanian families are worried to find that their children have accounts, sometimes more than one, on TikTok. The site is usually used by teenagers and allows them to post videos and do live broadcasting, in addition to offering special editing features. Videos often go viral and users compete to attract followers. 

The more the views the more users can make money, which makes experts fear that this kind of competition drives users to cross the lines concerning norms, traditions, and social ethics.

The most recent figures (2019) Jordan News was able to find on TikTok users in Jordan were provided by, which claims that there are 1.35 million TikTok accounts belonging to Jordanians, with the most dominant age group, 18–24, claiming 81 percent of these accounts. Males make up 71 percent of users.

Meanwhile, claims that there were 6.30 million social media users in Jordan in January 2021. It added that the number of social media users in Jordan increased by 600,000, an 11 percent increase, between 2020 and 2021.

Statcounter ( offered the most recent figures for social media use in Jordan (August 2022); it shows that Facebook had the most users (82.8 percent) followed by Twitter (7.9 percent) and YouTube (5.9 percent). Unfortunately there were no figures regarding users of TikTok in the Kingdom.

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