Engineers union launches campaign to rebuild Gaza

The Jordan Engineers Association announces a campaign to collect donations for rebuilding Gaza, in Amman, on Sunday, May 16, 2021. (Tamara Abdin/Jordan News)
The Jordan Engineers Association announces a campaign to collect donations for rebuilding Gaza, in Amman, on Sunday, May 16, 2021. (Tamara Abdin/Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Jordan Engineers Association (JEA) on Sunday announced the launch of a campaign dubbed “Gaza: together we are victorious.”اضافة اعلان

The campaign, announced at a press conference, is organized by the Higher Committee for Construction in Palestine, with the aim of standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Members of the committee include the JEA, the Jordan Construction Contractors Association (JCCA), and the Investors Association in the Jordanian Housing Sector.

Head of the JEA, Ahmad Al-Zo’bi, started the conference by asking the attendees to stand up and pray for the souls of those killed in Palestine in the recent violence.

The initiative aims to rebuild Gaza by creating a committee to provide technical assistance, consultation, and field teams to reconstruct the city.

According to the syndicate’s president, the union will be drumming up support from different engineering institutions across the globe and the chambers of industry and commerce in Jordan to “unite efforts” towards the Palestinian cause.

The committee will also set up a center for vocational training, in addition to rebuilding clinics and hospitals in the Israeli-besieged strip. Gaza has been the target of aerial and artillery attacks by Israeli occupation forces, who destroyed numerous structures in the enclave’s towns, during the offensive that continued on Sunday.

The specifics of civil planning are still being discussed by the committee but the participants believe that people will be generous and reconstruction will be successful.

The official launch of the campaign will be on Wednesday, in an open day at the JEA, where more details regarding the donation process will be announced.

The members are planning to partner with social media influencers and public figures in order to enhance the initiative’s outreach to involve youth in the Arab world. Different online platforms will be used to promote the campaign and encourage people to participate.

Ahmad Al-Yaqoub, head of the JCCA, started the campaign with a donation of JD25,000. He explained the mechanism of the campaign, within which individuals can buy a “construction stock” worth JD10.

The idea, according to Yaqoub, is to make contribution affordable to everyone.

“We are doing our best to donate and leave an architectural print,” he said.

A representative of the Amman Chamber of Commerce, Saif Mohammad, vowed the chamber’s dedication to providing financial and moral support to the Palestinians. Mohammad added that this will occur in collaboration with different institutions in Palestine in order to determine how to best utilize resources.

He announced that materials will be provided by the chamber itself, by member industrialists, and the chamber’s administration.
Zo’bi concluded by saying: “Whether it is JD1, JD5, or JD1,000, it helps. And a post, a tweet, a protest, and your words are just as important in this fight, in this resistance.”

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