Egyptian Visitors Revitalize Aqaba Tourism

photo: Jordan News
AQABA – (JNews) The city of Aqaba witnessed the influx of over 20,000 Egyptian visitors this past week who passed through the city on their way to destinations in Arab Gulf countries via ferries operated by the Arab Bridge Maritime company, Jordan News Agency (Petra) reported Thursday.اضافة اعلان

According to the deputy chairman of the board of commissioners of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, Sharhabeel Madi, Aqaba has begun to recover its former vitality after thousands of Egyptian visitors entered the city on their way to Gulf countries, in what is termed passage tourism. He said the city is also getting ready to receive many cruise ships arriving to
the city from all over the world.

Madi said that hotel occupancy in three and four star hotels in Aqaba has reached 100% thanks to the arrival of the Egyptian visitors via the port of Aqaba, adding that Aqaba authorities have begun to implement the same health protocol implemented in the Gulf countries, which requires all visitors traveling on to Gulf destinations to quarantine in Aqaba before traveling on. This has served to raise hotel occupancy levels in the city.

Madi also announced the upcoming launch of Al Hawa Janoubi tourism campaign in the next few days that aims to draw more tourists to the city and the ‘golden triangle’ area in general and get visitors to stay on longer.

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