Badly damaged Turkish ship sold for scrap, towed out of Aqaba Port

Authorities on Wednesday began a process to scrap a Turkish ship that has been docked at the port of Aqaba for 10 years. (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The shell of a Turkish ship seized by the courts in Aqaba 10 years ago following a suspicious onboard fire and court case has been removed from the dockside and sold for scrap by the Aqaba Ports Operation and Management company. اضافة اعلان

The ship threatened general safety and the marine life and the environment in the port area, according to a report from Al-Ghad news. Marine officials and environmental specialists called for the speedy removal of the vessel to mitigate risk on marine security and safety, as well as to maintain the port’s global reputation.

The ship, after necessary maintenance work, was towed by Aqaba Port tugboats out into open water within Jordanian territorial waters in preparation of having it towed away to Egypt, according to Khaled Al-Mayatah, director general of the Aqaba Ports Operation and Management company.

A fire had engulfed the vessel in 2004, while it was anchored 700 meters from the dock at the port. Suspicion for the fire at the time fell on her crew of eight, all Turkish nationals.

Port employees said they had overheard the crew threaten the vessel’s owner that they would set fire to the ship if they weren’t paid three-months-worth of back salary.

The ship had arrived in Aqaba in April 2004 and unloaded its cargo, but Aqaba ports authorities refused to allow the ship to leave unless they repair the vessel’s engine first, and as a result the ship was stuck at the port.

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