Beggars with salaries, cars, property arrested

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN  — The Ministry of Social Development’s Anti-Vagrancy Department arrested a number of beggars they say own property and have high incomes, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.اضافة اعلان
The ministry’s data revealed that one of the beggars has an income of JD1,100 and a 2011 model Toyota.

The department also arrested another beggar who has an income of JD393 and owns a car, in addition to owning a sole proprietorship.

It also apprehended a beggar who allegedly owns a piece of property with worth JD16,000, in addition to another one who owns a piece of property and two cars, one of which is a 2017 model and the other a 2000.

The ministry said that it will continue running anti-vagrancy campaigns across the Kingdom, in cooperation with the ministries of interior, justice, local administration, the Public Security Directorate, the Greater Amman Municipality, and other municipalities to curb vagrancy in the governorates.

The Ministry of Social Development urged citizens to stop giving money to beggars as they practice begging to earn money they don’t actually need.
Also, the ministry called on citizens to contribute to combating beggary by contacting it via the hotline number 0798518274 to report any cases of begging.

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