Annual Road Accidents Cost Jordan JD 350m - Traffic Police Chief

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AMMAN — Brigadier Firas Doueiri, director of the traffic police at the Public Security Department, revealed that traffic accidents cost Jordan a concerning JD350 million annually.اضافة اعلان

This was revealed in Doueiri’s address as part of Yarmouk University’s Youth Summer 2023 program on "Traffic Safety." 

Further data and responsibilities
Last year's statistics reveal the gravity of the situation: Jordan witnessed 169,409 traffic-related incidents, resulting in 562 deaths and 17,096 injuries, incurring an economic toll of 322 million dinars.

Individuals aged between 18-35 were majorly impacted, representing 46 percent of the injury cases and causing 43 percent of total accidents.

Shedding light on the causes, He stated that human errors account for a staggering 98.8 percent of all accidents. The prevalent mistakes encompass lane violations, not adhering to safe driving distances, and a lack of necessary precautions.

The traffic department, Doueiri mentioned, is keenly focused on leveraging technological innovations to address and manage traffic issues more efficiently.

Concluding his address, Doueiri called for collective responsibility and adherence to traffic laws. He advocated for public awareness, the importance of seat belts, observance of speed limits, and the dangers of using mobile phones behind the wheel.

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