Agreement to improve water sports and tourism in Aqaba announced

Aqaba Diving Association and Scuba School International agree to collaborate to improve tourism marketing in relation to water sports in Aqaba. (Photo: Handout from Aqaba Diving Association)
AQABA  — The head of the Aqaba Diving Association, Khamash Yassin, discussed with the regional director of the Scuba School International  (SSI) in the Middle East, Matthew Brambilla, on Tuesday, aspects of an agreement between the school and the association in the field of tourism marketing in Jordan and Aqaba in particular concerning water sports, explicitly diving in the Gulf of Aqaba.اضافة اعلان

Yassin said that it was agreed between the school and the diving association to share the diving sites in the Gulf of Aqaba to promote international marketing programs between both. He also shared that the school will provide diving courses using the latest developments, and Jordanian divers will be recruited to participate in them in said courses.

Yassin also mentioned the competitive advantage that Aqaba and its Gulf hold. By being located within the waters of the Red Sea, it is home to some of the best corals,  and it has about 29 distinguished diving sites at the global level. As a tourist city, Aqaba was also able to control the epidemiological situation due to COVID-19 and vaccinate more than 80 percent of its residents, which is the highest percentage in the Kingdom.

Brambilla praised the activities carried out by the Aqaba Diving Association in serving those wishing to pursue the profession, in addition to its role in promoting and marketing Aqaba’s tourism abroad and attracting diving enthusiasts from various surrounding countries by providing distinguished services to divers through its diving facilities and the sites prepared for this inside the sea.

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