ARDD celebrates Women’s Day under motto ‘She is the earth’

2.International Women's Day-FM
(Photo: ARDD)
AMMAN — ARDD launched the “She is the earth; she is the green future” motto for International Women’s Day to celebrate women’s leadership role in addressing climate change challenges, according to a press statement by the Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD). اضافة اعلان

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, marked on March 8 of every year, ARDD came up with the motto as an umbrella title for its activities that pay tribute to women who had a pioneering role in facing climate challenges.

As part of its various activities to celebrate International Women’s Day, ARDD is launching a video on the efforts and achievements of eight pioneering Arab women who contributed through various initiatives to taking on environmental, agricultural, and urban challenges in the Arab region.

These Initiatives were often the first of their kind in the field of environmental development, renewable energy, and environmental health; they involved preparing studies on the optimal use of irrigation water, launching initiatives that develop the local environmental movement and protect the fragile pastoral environment, and visionary work designing schools and green buildings.

The initiatives also included agricultural projects to confront desertification and drought and rehabilitate agricultural lands that were destroyed due to settlement, as well as waste recycling projects.

ARDD will hold on Tuesday an online dialogue session at 6:30pm celebrating the efforts and leadership of women to build a sustainable future.

The session will include the launch of the report “Green Economy and Circular Economy: The UN as a Catalyst of Change for Refugees?” Prepared by researchers Francesca Albanese and Ciara Patterson. The report tackles circular economy, green economy, and the intersectionality of humanitarianism and sustainable development in the Levant.

The report seeks to motivate UN agencies such as UNRWA to work alongside civil society to play a leading role in promoting an effective environmental culture, and to urge governments to adopt, participate in and benefit from the findings in the report.

The session will also shed light on the contributions of women in the Levant, Tunisia, and Indonesia in the field of circular economy and green economy.

ARDD adds its voice to that of the international community, specifically civil society organizations in the region, to call on stakeholders, decision-makers, and policy-makers to include women in their work and benefit from their experience in building a sustainable future.

ARDD also calls to strengthen the work of local organizations to ensure adherence to policies that promote the environmental sustainability agenda, knowing that the most vulnerable groups, of which women and girls constitute the majority, will bear the brunt of climate change and natural disasters that may arise, which should make governments urgently adopt sound policies and strategies to confront the consequences of climate change.

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