85% of industrial workers are insured

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Head of the Amman and Jordan Chambers of Industry, Fathi Al-Jaghbir stated that the industrial sector is one of the most economically active sectors that includes its workforce under social protection, including social security contributions, and health insurance. اضافة اعلان

At the end of the 2022, the number of workers in the industrial sector reached to approximately 268,000 workers, leading the most employed sectors in the Kingdom.

34% of the total workforce: womenIn a statement to Hala News, Al-Jaghbir also shared that women make up 34 percent of the total workforce, and that the number of female members, partners and business owners in industrial companies is about 1,500 women in more than 600 industrial facilities.

Moreover, Al-Jaghbir continued by saying that 80 percent of the total workforce is made up of Jordanians.

JD2 billion annuallyThe industrial sector pays about JD2 billion annually as compensation to workers in the sector. Al-Jaghbir continued to highlight this is one of the main pillars of purchasing power and reducing poverty within the national economy.

The industrial sector is also responsible for one of the highest sectors employing workers in a single facility, with up to 16 workers in a single facility, compared to the other sectors which do not exceed four workers per facility.

He continued to highlight that the work standards are applied and the industrial sector has put in efforts to support and consolidate the role of labor in the production process with the aim of positive change in employment methods, as according to international practices.

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