400 cases of snake bites in Jordan in 2023

saharan sand viper snake cerastes vipera
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMANJordanian snake expert Asad Al-Jizaawi revealed that around 400 cases of snake and scorpion bites have been recorded among citizens in various regions of the kingdom in 2023.اضافة اعلان

Jizaawi stated that the majority of snakebite cases recorded this year occurred in the northern governates of Jordan, Al-Saa News reported.

These 400 bite cases resulted in the deaths of 10 individuals, including 3 from the Civil Defense personnel.

Jizaawi told Al-Saa News that most of the bite cases were caused by the "Palestinian viper," which has spread in Jordan over the past few years.

He warned Jordanians of the increased snake presence during this period, as they are searching for food before entering the snake winter hibernation season.

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