16 Zarqa River farms sign agreement to grow fodder

(Photo: Jordan News Agency, Petra)


AMMAN — Sixteen farms along the Zarqa River on Wednesday signed a government-sponsored agreement to produce fodder crops, according to Al-Mamlaka.

اضافة اعلان


The agreement was signed by Walid Al-Masri from the Arab Jordanian Company for the Development of Water, Agriculture, and Land Projects Development in a ceremony overseen by the Ministry of Agriculture.


The ministry plans to redirect farming along the Zarqa River toward fodder crops, in order to alleviate the problem of water scarcity.


Masri said that his company works on cultivating silage for cows and other fodder crops that are irrigated with reclaimed water.


The plan complements the Smart Desert Project, backed by the French Development Agency through a fund to help Syrian refugees and their host countries. The project provides training for young entrepreneurs interested in agriculture, as well as support for 500 home agriculture projects and 200 farms in the northern and eastern Jordanian highlands.



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