Valets reserve spots on public streets to hamper self-parking — motorists

Valet parking
Valet parking sign. (Photo: Envato Elements)
AMMAN — Valet parking is worrisome for some Jordanians, who claim that employees performing the service to establishments reserve key spots in public streets, forcing motorists to pay them, or park afar.اضافة اعلان

Some complain that the valet themselves have little driving experience, which could cause damage to both vehicles and property.

Omar Al-Abadi, a cafe owner in Amman’s Jabal Luweibdeh neighborhood, said that due to the nature of narrow streets and a usually heavy traffic in the area, he rented out a nearby parking lot as a gratuity to his clientele.

“Although the valet service is helpful, it’s a huge responsibility, and a headache most of the time,” he told Jordan News.

Shadi, a salesman who declined to be identified further, said that the nature of his work requires constant vehicle commute.

“Many places in Amman do not have authorized parking lots for government offices, whether paid or free, therefore I often find myself paying to people who reserve certain spots in public streets who just stop me to park my car,” he said.

He noted that he often finds his car scratched afterwards, but chooses not to investigate it further for the lack of time, or to shy away from street arguments.

“Public parking fees are also up in the air,” he said. “The fee is not determined by the government. So, it varies between JD1, to JD3, or even more.”

Amman marketing manager Farah Nayef said her car went missing once, after she went into a coffee shop in downtown Amman.

“When I left, I asked the valet to bring me my car, but I was told it was parked elsewhere because the parking lot near the coffee shop was crowded,” she told Jordan News.

She said she waited for 40 minutes before calling her brother, who came by, and almost had a brawl with the valet and the coffee shop owner.

“After two hours, my car turned up,” she said, adding that she and her brother were told that the vehicle was taken by a new valet worker, who parked it away from the coffee shop.

Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) Inspector Mohammad Al-Hadid said that GAM carries out frequent inspections on valet services in the capital.

He said GAM is taking note of the various complaints about the valet service and that “legal action is taken against the violators”.

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