Tourism to witness further remarkable activity — JTB

Tourists visiting Petra. (Photo: Flickr)
AMMAN — Tourism is expected to witness further remarkable activity in the coming weeks, with the number of sightseers envisaged to exceed expectations, said Jordan Tourism Board’s (JTB) Director General Abdul Razzaq Arabiyat.اضافة اعلان

He told Jordan News that the Kingdom “is currently witnessing a significant recovery phase following the COVID-19 pandemic”.

“Tourists from various countries around the world still look at Jordan as an important tourist destination that they look forward to visiting constantly,” he said.

He noted that JTB also “confirms that its efforts to promote the tourism product will greatly support the activity of the tourism activity, and contribute to revitalising it during the coming period”.

Social networking sites and modern means of promotion also play an important role in promoting tourism in Jordan and various countries worldwide, especially that activists and influencers use stimulating images and videos, which play an important role in attracting the attention of the audience and encouraging them to visit a certain country.

On Kalam Madina Forum that JTB is organizing in collaboration with OMNES Media, which gathered 500 influencers, Arabiyat pointed out that “we succeeded through the meeting in promoting Jordan in the Arab world and globally, at the lowest cost.”

President of Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association Awni Kawar told Jordan News that “social media plays a significant role in promoting tourism, and that it contributes to revitalizing tourism.”

He said that “Jordan had recovered about three quarters of the number of tourists in 2019,” which was considered “a golden year” in the tourism sector.

He predicted that until 2024, “Jordan will have recovered the full percentage of tourists who came to Jordan in 2019”.

Meanwhile, Petra is gearing up to receive more tourists in the coming weeks, banking on new plans mapped out recently, which set the stage for more entertainment, and easier access to the ancient city.

Petra Development and Tourism Regional Authority Chief Commissioner Suleiman Al-Farajat said the authority is in the process of using electric cars to transport tourists to various sites inside the historic venue.

He said that a back road is being paved, which will “contribute to doubling the number of tourists”. He noted that a new visitor center will also be inaugurated soon.

Additionally, he said the authority will launch guided tours, using jeeps and buggies, he added.

He said the plans underway are in anticipation of a large number of visitors in the coming period. He praised the efforts made by all sides involved in the tourism development in promoting Jordan.

Frarajat said that it is hoped that the plans will “prolong the tourists’ stay in the city, in different and new ways”. He explained that 99 percent of tourists “are happy with the tourist product in Petra”.

“But we look forward to satisfying the remaining 1 percent, as well,” he said. “We are working to change their negative experience to a positive one in cooperation with all sides involved.”

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