“She Leads” empowers women and extends Gaza solidarity through initiative

“She Leads” empowers women and extends Gaza solidarity through initiative  001
Dana Al-Zyadat, Jordan news
AMMAN – “She Leads,” a program spanning Africa and the Middle East, empowers girls and young women to advocate for their rights and drive change in their communities. The program extended this empowerment, expressing solidarity with women in Gaza through a local initiative held at Al-Shams Theater.اضافة اعلان

Sarah Halawani, the project manager of "She Leads," from Jordan and Plan International, stated that the project aims to empower girls and young women to participate in decision-making and create human rights activists. This initiative spans sixteen days, focusing on combating violence against women, coinciding with the International Day for Human Rights.

Recognizing the necessity to express solidarity with the women of Gaza, “She Leads,” along with its partners, including Ard Al-Bashar, Creativity Club Al-Karak, Aydoun Club, Rawad for Development, the Jordanian Women's Union, and the Jordan River Foundation, came together to express its solidarity. She said, “We have come together to implement an artistic event that includes painting to express the ongoing situation in Gaza. The drawings will be exhibited to shed light on the plight of women during times of war.”

Various activities throughout the initiative, include opportunities for locals to share a poetic connection in addressing the violence women endure in wars and include a theatrical performance led by youth from the Aydoun Club.

Aim to shed light on the challenges facing women in Gaza
Halawani added that these artistic events constitute a comprehensive expression of solidarity with the women of Gaza and the general population. She said, “At She Leads, we aim to shed light on the challenges facing women in Gaza, especially in the context of limited healthcare resources. She pointed out that one of the ‘She Leads’ members, Fatim, is currently in Gaza and experiencing difficulties. Fatim has shared her experience with us, providing insight into her life, and her story, detailing her experience, has been published.”

Halawani also mentioned that various age groups participated in these activities, expressing their desire to support the people of Gaza. The significant awareness among children and adolescents was particularly noteworthy. She said “We also focus on human rights issues and gender justice. Part of our project involves highlighting the violence against women in Gaza. Although we have been organizing events for two and a half years, this time we see greater enthusiasm among youth and children, reflecting a powerful message and embodying a positive vision.”

Serving with purpose
As for the volunteer Haneen Rababah from the JRF, she told Jordan News, that she expressed her happiness in volunteering, especially during the aggression on Gaza, she said “This brutal aggression affected us all, and this event served as a way to convey our message to the world and express the magnitude of the anger we feel towards this aggression. She praised the idea that art is a sincere means of conveying messages and expressing truth.”

Meanwhile, another volunteer, Adnan Al-Anizi from JRF said, “I believe that this event is important because art can spread awareness, emphasize ideas, and document what is happening.”

Jana Shtanawi, a member of Friends of Life, told Jordan News, "We presented the play 'Zahret Al Madaen' trying to embody the pain of our people in Gaza, and we were surprised by a large number of the audience interested in the event."

As for the participant, Samar Oudeh, a 65-year-old from Nablus, who represented the role of a guardian, told Jordan News, "This participation came from my desire to support our people in Gaza. This war is a war on the entire Arab nation, and art in all its forms is an expression, a message, and a weapon because it spreads ideas."

She also emphasized that viewers of the news and the war, with all its details, see that women are the safety valve for their families, “Today, they are being killed, targeted, and their children are being targeted, living in a state of displacement and hopelessness.” 

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